Since its launch in 2004,
the KSP has greatly enhanced its effectiveness
through continuous institutional reform.

  • Released KSP Advancement Strategy for increasing Korea’s soft power (the 224th Ministerial Meeting on International Economic Affairs)
  • Project for building a national medical complex in Uzbekistan interlinked with EDCF
  • Developed the 2021-2015 digital transformation plans for Belarus developed and launched a digital platform for smart industries
  • Launched the Economic Innovation Partnership Program (EIPP) (with Myanmar, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia)
  • Feasibility study for building a Digital Media City in Konza, Kenya followed with EDCF
  • Joint cooperation project for e-government with Ministry of Interior or Serbia
  • Korea-Myanmar economic cooperative industrial complex followed up
  • Established Romanian Productivity Centre
  • Opened the GKEDC
  • Intelligent traffic system project in Kenya linked with EDCF
  • Establishment of ICT hubs for secondary education in Sri Lanka linked with EDCF
  • Announced KSP 2.0 (Ministerial Meeting on International Economic Affairs, support for economic cooperation with emerging countries)
  • KOICA project to support Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST) linked with KSP
  • Project for enhancing housing guarantee system and management of Kazakhstan
  • Implemented cross-departmental partnerships
  • Established CAI Center in Mexico for Promoting HRD
  • Exported patent information system to UAE
  • The 10th anniversary of KSP publications
  • Initiated multilateral policy suggestion projects (Visegrád Group, V4)
  • Follow-up project to build a development research institute in Myanmar with KOICA
  • Implementation of Broadband Project in Nicaragua co-financed by EDCF-IDB
  • Reorganized project structure to be promoted by sector (economy, industry/trade, construction/ infrastructure)
  • Implementation of railway electronic interlocking system in Nagh Hamady-Luxor, Egypt co-financed by EDCF-WB
  • Initiated system consulting (2013-2016, 25 projects)
  • Launched OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance (KSA)
  • Master plan for capacity building of Colombia's science and technology parks jointly pursued with KOICA
  • Launched policy advisor dispatch system
  • Held the 1st KSP Regional Seminar (Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America)
  • Hosted Korea-WB KSP Forum
  • Launched Young KSPians (2012-2017)
  • Follow-up project on building a waterworks system in Bandung Indonesia with KOICA
First regional seminar
  • Began joint consultation with international organizations (WB, ADB, IDB, and UN-APCICT)
  • Adopted Senior advisor system
  • Announced KSP Development Measures (ODA Korea)
  • Implemented 2011-2020 Ten-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Vietnam
  • Launched modularization project of Korea’s development experiences (2010-2015, 148 projects)
  • Korea joined OECD Donor Assistance Committee (DAC)
  • KSP selected as National Flagship Program (Economic Development with Korea)
  • Initiated Strategic development partner projects
  • Enhancing electric power system of the Dominican Republic project followed up with IDB and contracted by a Korean enterprise
  • Established Navoi Free Economic Zone in Uzbekistan
  • Expanded KSP partnership region (high income countries and emerging economies)
  • Held the 1st KSP Dissemination Seminar
  • Established export credit agency for Vietnam
  • Launched bilateral policy consultation projects (Vietnam and Uzbekistan)