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Policy Consultation - Bilateral KSP

Project Data
Country Project Name Year
Thailand 2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program with Kingdom of Thailand

ThemeCorporate Finance and Governance

Step Additional Pilot Study(2nd)
  • Partner Country Thailand
  • Project Title 2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program with Kingdom of Thailand
  • The Ministry and Office Concerned Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation, Thai National Science and Technology Development Agency
  • Research Institute Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC), Dong-Eui University

Project Data

From 5th Mar. 2017 to 11th, 2017, the research team conducted the local study/reporting on 2 themes: (1) To enhance the support on technology-innovative entreprenuers, Kor-Thai expert teams discussed the action plan to establish a new government agency smilar to KOTEC which is nurturing Tech-based SMEs. Also, the team conducted the study on Technology Certificate System (i.e Venture Certificate in Korea), IP(Intellectual Property) guarantee system and the contribution practice from the commercial banks to increase the basic capital for technolgy guarantee system
(2) (Technology Rating System) To solidate the validity of TTRS(Thai Tech-Rating System), the Kor-Thai expert groups developed the AHP analysis as well as analysing TCG(Thai Credit Gurantee Corporation)'s clients data composed 68,454 companies to conduct statistical analysis on Macro/Firm Specific variables
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Additional Pilot Study(2nd)

  • Date 5th Mar. 2017~11th Mar. 2017
  • Venue Thailand
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