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Policy Consultation - Bilateral KSP

Project Data
Country Project Name Year
Indonesia 2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program with Indonesia

ThemeFiscal Policy, Income Distribution and Welfare, Other

Step High-level Demand Survey & Pilot Study
  • Partner Country Indonesia
  • Project Title 2016/17 Knowledge Sharing Program with Indonesia
  • The Ministry and Office Concerned Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia
  • Research Institute Korea Development Institute

Project Data

From OCT. 16th to 21th, 2016, the research team led by Dr. Okyu Kwon(Chief Advisor, Former Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Fianance and Economy) conducted the Demand Survey & Pilot Study in Jakarta, Indonesia. The team conducted on the expected research agendas with Indonesian governmental departments in order to specify research topics for this year’s projects and select local consultants. In addition, the research team and the government of Indonesia organized several investigations and field visits in Indonesia to figure out the current status and policies related to the research topics on site. Through those meetings and visits, the following four topics were selected as research agenda for this year’s KSP project.

1) Strengthening the Role of Fiscal Policy to Enhance the Manufacturing Sector
2) Implementing Pension System Reform of Public Sector Employees in Indonesia
3) Improvement of SIKP to Support MSMEs in Indonesia
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High-Level Demand Survey and Pilot Study

  • Date OCT. 16th - 21st, 2016
  • Venue Indonesia, Jakarta
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